"building employment opportunities for communities in need"

Welcome to The WERX Foundation Inc.

WERX provides vocational resources and services through training and project-based activities aiming to improve gateways to employment for people who are marginalised through disability or other life circumstance whilst at the same time providing a benefit to the local community. 

Our current projects and services include:

  • B2C Community IT Recyclers  www.b2crecyclers.com.au -  A  social enterprise that recycles IT equipment providing work experience and training for people with disabilities 
  • Still in the Box    An employment and work experience based social enterprise that channels electrical items that are excess stock, display models or stock returns

The Foundation raises revenue through

B2C Community IT Sales  - selling low priced P'c and laptops to "individuals and communities in need"
Funds raised from donations and sponsorships
Still in the Box -B2C Ebay Store - selling items from our 2 social enterprises
B2C Community IT E-Waste Sales  - sales of B2C parts and e-waste

Our website provides an information exchange to enhance equity in access to resources for work, training and employment.


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