"building employment opportunities for communities in need"

Welcome to The WERX Foundation Inc.

WERX provides vocational resources and services through training and project-based activities aiming to improve gateways to employment for people who are marginalised through disability or other life circumstance whilst at the same time providing a benefit to the local community. 

Our current projects and services include:

  • B2C Community IT Recyclers  www.b2crecyclers.com.au -  A  social enterprise that recycles IT equipment providing work experience and training for people with disabilities 
  • Still in the Box    An employment and work experience based social enterprise that channels electrical items that are excess stock, display models or stock returns
  • Disability Social Community Support Program - improving social and community access for people with disabilities ​​​​​​​

The Foundation raises revenue through

B2C Community IT Sales  - selling low priced P'c and laptops to "individuals and communities in need"
Funds raised from donations and sponsorships
Still in the Box -B2C Ebay Store - selling items from our 2 social enterprises
B2C Community IT E-Waste Sales  - sales of B2C parts and e-waste

Our website provides an information exchange to enhance equity in access to resources for work, training and employment.

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