In alignment with our major goals to assist people who are marginalised through disability,  we have a number of employment,  social and community projects in action. 

We will achieve this by bridging gaps in community access to the labour market through the continuing development and delivery of innovative projects and social enterprise initiatives, and creating sponsorship networks between industry and the community. Our projects include:

B2C Community IT Recyclers.   a social enterprise with all funds raised through the project utilised to further the project’s goals:

  • assisting local “individuals and communities in need” by providing low cost refurbished IT equipment
  • reducing the amount of office and IT waste ending up in landfill through environmentally responsible recycling procedures
  • providing vlounteer work experience  programs in a “live work environment” to those disadvantaged in the labour market

Our scope of service also  extends to industry, client support agencies, government and business, partnering in the divergence of unwanted or decommissioned equipment, and resources and  re-engineered as  community assets assisting in work education or employment opportunities.  Further, our services, in partnership with ISO Endorsed “Ewastec”  provides a sustainable waste management solution for hardware that is unable to be refurbished

Still in the Box

a social enterprise project that sells on ebay, new or returned retail products that are sourced from a variety of businesses offering  a widening of skill sets for volunteers and work experience placements

  • Computer software skills
  • ebay skills
  • Customer service
  • order picking and packing

Work Collective Project provides collaborative employment experiences across a range of work functions and offers a widening of skill sets for enterprise volunteers and workers.

  • Computer software skills
  • Data and content management  skills
  • Customer service
  • Help desk support
  • Web design

Our scope of service extends to small business and client support agencies seeking Technology and Customer Service support for community development activities and health and wellness projects.  This enterprise seeks solely to provide work experience opportunities for volunteers and clients marginalised from mainstream learning and work opportunities, and who seek to widen their options in workforce participation.

Current partnerships :