The WERX Foundation Inc (WERX) has a long established history in the provision of training and education across industries and small businesses.  It has also designed and delivered unique employment access programs for people who have been disadvantaged in labour market opportunities as a result of disability arising through work injury and life circumstance.

WERX continues to focus on initiatives that allow for the exchange of resources and assets between business and our communities in need, broadening opportunities for our clients to experience wellbeing, and a full and rewarding participation in community and workforce activities.  We assist our clients to achieve this by providing a supported learning environment that allows for work preparation.    WERX does not offer employment outcomes, but a varied workspace in which to test readiness, acquire skills and prepare for opportunities in the open market.  

The exchange of assets between business and community is also facilitated by WERX in its enterprise activities where redundant or non-working equipment is refurbished and renewed for use and made available for our client group through supported community agencies.  Low cost equipment such as laptops, modems, printers, storage devices and desktops are re-engineered and redistributed from business to community.  

WERX is not a government funded program and receives no external funding.  We value our volunteers and recognise the importance on their support in our enterprise initiatives. In exchange we  provide our volunteers with a work forum for the development of new skills, a current work history and offer employer testimonies.  Volunteers in social media, web design, re-engineering and refurbishment, mentoring are among many of the opportunities available.  

Our commitment to eco-sustainable work practices also see WERX engaging in partnerships with ISO Accredited Waste Services and the practice of fair trade in the exchange of redundant goods for waste or renewal – a partnership we value highly.