Committed to Opening Opportunities In Work, Education and Life

There are estimated to be over two million Australians who could be in employment and experiencing improved socio-economic outcomes.  For many reasons, these Australian’s are unemployed or underemployed and have either endured long-term exclusion from the workforce or face that challenge as a result of disability, or living in chronically disadvantaged circumstances.

The WERX Foundation (WERX) has adopted a social enterprise model in its approach to create pathways to employment for our marginalised peoples.  Each enterprise project is self-funded and provides a unique opportunity to re-engage, rebuild or resource work skill development.  Unlike government funded or subsidised social enterprises, WERX does not provided employment, but pre-employment support and the means to develop transferrable workplace skills as part of our clients’ journey to achieve sustainable and rewarding work.

WERX offers:

  • work experience to TAFE students undertaking Certificate I in Work Education
  • opportunities to learn new skills through volunteering in our Work Collective projects 
  • work preparation for people seeking a return to work following injury or other life circumstance

We have a number of projects underway within our Work Collective, find out more about our ethos and opportunities to build community resources, partner in business projects or support others who engage with us to learn new skills and open pathways to more rewarding work, life goals. 

Links to services for people facing challenges in workplace participation

There are many employment support services open to Australians who are disadvantaged in the labour market, and unable to secure employment.  This includes more than 7000 social enterprises focused on creating meaningful employment for disadvantaged Australians.  There are also a number of agencies who provide specific employment support services for people disadvantaged in the labour market as a result of disability.  Some of these are listed below.
There are hundreds of Disability Employment Service providers across the country ready to listen, support and resource your wish to find meaningful employment.  Your can search by state and suburb for local support team.   DEA is the overarching organisation for disability employment throughout Australia.  They promote the right of every member of society to be included fully in the community, and to have control over their own life choices. They consider participation in the open labour market is a crucial factor in helping you achieve this goal.
An Australian not-for-profit employment service across Australia including Victoria.  Wise is one of the largest employment services providers and offer a comprehensive range of employment services.  They state they are flexible, and tailor services to give you the very best start in the right job for you. Wise promotes its understanding that you are an individual and every person requires a unique employment approach. Their approach is to get to know you, listen to your aspirations and bring your potential to life.
By registering with Youth Projects ‘Transition to Work’ each young person will have access to connected services for accessing apprenticeships and accredited vocational training and education on site. Additional support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs and other complex issues are also available on site to ensure a young person receives the most effective support based on their needs.

SkillsPlus and BRACE help job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition to find the right job at the right place.

They speak of taking the time to get to know you, your support needs and to understand what you want, is essential to developing employment support and individualised job plans that meet your goals.

SkillsPlus and BRACE are part of the Endeavour Foundation. They leverage opportunities to support Endeavour Foundation through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. They aim is to maximize outcomes by providing a continuum of support services including education and employment, as well as assisting the development of Endeavour Foundation’s workforce through training opportunities.
If you’re aged 15 to 65 years and have a health condition such as an injury, illness or disability, we can help you to achieve and sustain employment.

Help employment believe there is more to a person than their disability. That is why they look beyond it and focus on ability. By doing this HELP Employment  can help place you in the right job, not just any job. When you come to HELP, you get award winning service. In fact, in 2019 HELP was recognised as national leader in “Innovation in Disability Employment”