Work, Education

There are estimated to be over two million Australians who could be in employment and experiencing improved socio-economic outcomes.  For many reasons, these Australian’s are unemployed or underemployed and have either endured long-term exclusion from the workforce or face that challenge as a result of disability, or living in chronically disadvantaged circumstances.

The WERX Foundation (WERX) has adopted a social enterprise model in its approach to create pathways to employment for our marginalised peoples.  Each enterprise project is self-funded and provides a unique opportunity to re-engage, rebuild or resource work skill development.  Unlike government funded or subsidised social enterprises, WERX does not provided employment, but pre-employment support and the means to develop transferrable workplace skills as part of our clients’ journey to achieve sustainable and rewarding work.

WERX offers people opportunities to learn new skills, enhance their existing skills and/or increase work capacity through volunteering or work experience in our enterprise projects.

Resource  eXchange

Resource Distribution To Communities In Need

The WERX Foundation Inc (WERX) adopts an eco business model which focuses on building and strengthening communities through collaborative partnerships and networks. WERX creates linkages between business and community to move both valuable and discarded resources between sectors, so they may be successfully re-engineered to open new work education and employment opportunities for people who are disadvantaged through disability or other life circumstance and unable to participate in mainstream support services.   This is a complex partnership, with an array of business goals. Our activities range from the acquittal of  redundant assets, to social enterprise initiatives re-furbishing assets for re-use, to resourcing community agencies for individuals in need, to providing marginalised people with  pre-employment training and skills experience using  a  learn-by-doing framework.

Further, we contribute to sustainable and environmental waste management processes, partnering with ISO accredited services in the disposal of unusable equipment and parts in a responsible operation that values our environment and long-term climate action goals.

Our principle social enterprises facilitating Work, Education & Resource  eXchange are :

B2C Community IT Recyclers

 is a ‘social enterprise’ focussed on the refurbishment and recycling of donated, discarded or redundant IT equipment, and their re-marketing and re-deployment through the project into communities in need.

Still In the Box 

  is a ‘social enterprise’ focussed on the refurbishment and recycling of donated, end-of-run, retail display or product returns for re-deployment through the project into communities in need.

Work Collective 

is a project that provides collaborative employment experiences across a range of work functions and offers a widening of skill sets for enterprise volunteers and workers.