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The WERX Foundation Inc (WERX) is a not-for-profit registered charity.  Our work is undertaken without government funding, and our social enterprise projects are resourced through business and government sector partnerships that are non-contractual.  In other words we rely on donations of resources that typically take the form of redundant assets.

Our organisation uses its enterprise projects to redistribute needed IT equipment to communities in need, and raises capital for overheads through the sale of refurbished goods at either low cost to health card recipients or the general public through our ebay stores.

After many years of managing under this financial. framework, we are now requesting donations as financial bequests and funds, or as assets for redistribution through or social enterprise projects.  Below are some examples of how your donation can be used to continue our work in local communities, particularly those disabled through work injury or life circumstance who require a supported pathway to sustainable work and community engagement.



pays for the collection of redundant or unwanted IT equipment from donor organisations to our enterprise projects. This equipment is re-engineered and refurbished for re-distribution as valued IT item like laptops, for our clients in need.


pays for a companion traveller or driver to assist a person with a disability to safely access a community location so they can take a walk or ride in the fresh air, participate in a local event or perhaps have a coffee and chat in a local cafe. These activities are commonly out of reach for people with restricted mobility.


pays for a refurbished laptop or desktop to be given to a child or person to study or learn. Sponsoring a computer to people who are disadvantaged through disability or other life circumstance opens up new opportunities to study or learn, to use everyday on-line services, and reach out to others via email or skype and reduces isolation.


pays for enterprise project equipment. Tools and safety gear are necessary to work teams who are involved in sorting, dismantling, rebuilding and packaging donated equipment for re-distribution, With our enterprise projects offering opportunities to learn new skills in a 'hands-on' supported work environment, it is important we commit to a safe work environment, with reliable tools..


pays for a replacement laptop battery. Many of our donated laptops have limited or no battery life, rendering them unusable and often discarded by the original owners as waste. Our enterprise projects source replacement batteries, new and recycled, as part of their efforts to give new life to refurbished laptops before moving them on to people in need. .

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Make cheques payable to:
PO BOX 27. Caulfield South Victoria 3162


BSB: 633-000
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  124-161-415

If you make donation by EFT, please email your name, address and donation amount so we can forward  a Tax Receipt.