Fundrise is a social enterprise of Working Solutions Inc that provides work experience and volunteer placmemts for participants of  our Work Collective Project. FundRise was established in 2020, and is managed by a steering committee with extensive experience in NFP management, disability services, quality assurance, marketing, training development and business management.

FundRise was established to support the NFP community sector, with particular emphasis on building fund raising capacity while strengthening local communities and business, and opening new training and work pathways for volunteers and people marginalised by life circumstance.

‘FundRise’ embraces the needs of all community stakeholders by supporting NFP’s in their capacity to provide services and resources to their community. There is also an imperative to ensure that the work of FundRise will increase access to learning opportunities and workplace skills for those unable to find a path to work.

This year we have launched a community project that will provide NFP organisations an opportunity to lead their townships and neighbourhoods, beyond the grip of economic and social turmoil created under COVID 19, and build stronger, resourced communities. We have worked with a private company “Find It Locally “ to provide some 1500 digital community hubs across Australia. The hubs are pre-designed web spaces that will enable our project participants to reach out to their communities, local business and neighbourhoods to provide an engaging and meaningful platform for local communities recovery and growth.

We are looking for NFP organisations to join us in establishing and developing local digital communities. This is a 6-month opportunity that includes training and mentoring in hub development, with a view to continue this service provision in the longer term.

As a Community Partner in this project your NFP will engage local community stakeholders, assist in local economic recovery, provide opportunities for volunteers to learn new work skills, and importantly build a sustainable revenue or fundraising stream.


Community Partners and Digital Community Hubs

FundRise is seeking Community Partners interested in leading their local communities using our digital community hubs.
Acting as Community Partners, you will develop and manage local digital community hubs that include 6 key business elements that will work to ignite local socio-economic and wellbeing recovery and growth, and provide tools for gaining sustainable revenue / fund raising opportunities through community marketing.

What is a digital community hub ?

  • These are pre-designed web-spaces that profile our communities, including community noticeboards, news, local business, community services, local events, local shopping and tourism, as well as fundraising.
  • Digital community hubs are the focus point for all aspects of the local community, its services, resources, events and opportunities. They are culturally inclusive, meaningful, and will also provide a point of interest to intending visitor into the community region.
  • Digital Community hubs can also offer paid promotions, for:

• Local businesses
• Local community or government agencies
• Events
• Fundraising campaigns

What is the role of a Community Partner ?

A community partner is a not-for-profit community organisation that is willing to develop a local digital community hub. They will undertake the training and work with our mentors to understand how the software platform works, how they can design content and promote it in the hub.

Community Partners will make contact with local stakeholders and establish a network for providing useful content or promoting their services and or businesses. The project provides database sources to assist in this process. With increased engagement from local businesses and other agencies, there will be a significant opportunity for Community Partners to utilise the hubs community related marketing tools to raise sustainable revenue or increase fundraising capacity. They may also attract grant funding to expand your goals and efforts.

The project is open for 6 months to help NFPs establish a strong community presence and provide time to develop a team of volunteers or volunteer/co-ordinator to management the hub. As part of our project goals, we will encourage and support Community Partners to include volunteers in the development of their community hubs with a view to provide them with skills for work. Volunteers will provide great support in the hub development tasks

At the end of the project period, Community Partners will be supported and encouraged to continue their work in managing their digital communities. This will continue in direct partnership with Find It Locally with a small monthly fee. Organisations who opt not to continue will be required to wind up their involvement and submit their hubs back to Fundrise along with any relevant documentation and or contract arrangements

If your are interested in becoming a Community Partner, contact us for more information